Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looks like Rain on the Plains

After several hard years with no rain these clouds make me want to dance in the rain. We have been praying for rain for 18 months & Praise God for the 1" we received today.
Hay prices are at a record high and so many people are getting out of the horse business because they have to decide who to feed. Their horse or their children. It has been so hard to watch these families struggle.
Thank you Lord for our Saddle Shop our customers and the freedom we have in this beautiful country.
Pray for RAIN!

How To Install A Horn Cap on your Saddle

How do I install a horn cap?
 You drill a pilot hole in the horn.....half the size of the screw. Take care not to go thru the horn cap.
Since all saddles are different you may need to cut down the screw to the proper length.....you can often cut the screw with a wire cutter and then it needs to
be filed or ground with a grinder to a point. 
I add a small amount of saddle glue to the hole where the saddle horn cap goes in and then carefully screw it in.  
I large number of the people who purchase these take them to their local saddle shop for professional installation but many folks do install them on their own.
So not to do any damage to your saddle I strongly suggest going slowly and making sure you understand the process.