Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to install Dee's for Rope Lariat

For installation we suggest taking to your authorized saddle repair shop. When we install these in our own professional shop we first use a 1/2 inch "Oblong Punch" . We customarily punch thru the saddle leather but only deep enough to go through the top layer of the leather BUT not thru the Rawhide tree covering the tree or into the saddle tree per say. These are normally installed on the top are (In General) of the swells aka pomel) of the saddle. Then we use a leather fid or a flat screw driver to open the hole up a little so the clip portion can slip into the hole you just punched. Once this is done then we slide the clip into the hole and using a "saddle screw and washer" attach it to the saddle. We normally face the dee and clip facing forward. The screw seldom needs to be more than 1 1/4 inches long. We use special saddle screws and washers but in a pinch any wood screw with a small flat washer will work. Your done!    If at any point you have questions or concerns we strongly suggest you stop and ask your local saddle repair shop so not to risk potentially damaging your saddle.

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