Monday, February 11, 2013

OK so you know when you reach that time in your like you need a little help with your boots?

We all come to a point in our life when we need a little help putting on our boots. You maybe young and have a injury or sore from riding some wide animal, or maybe you have lived a good life and just reached a point that you need a little help getting your boots on and off.
DON'T Stop wearing your boots! We have just what you need!

We have found the perfect thing to help you out.

Pat Pending US648922S

Did you think you could not wear boots anymore because they are to hard to put on and take off? This is your answer to getting your boots back on.

This is very well made from steel and painted black. This is adjustable so if you need this higher or shorter to help hold your boots you can do this with ease.

This is perfect to help get your boots off and on without sitting down.
 We all need a little help from time to time.

24" Wide x 32" Tall 

Watch a video on how easy this is to use:

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