Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In true cowboy fashion my cowboy was laid to rest

Just a few years ago we ranched fulltime and had planned to be buried on our ranch. as life would have it we had to sell the ranch and move to town to be closer to doctors for the care of my sweet husband Ron. When the doctors told us there was nothing more that they could do we began to think about how to say "Goodbye". I wanted to send him out in the same cowboy fashion we would have on the ranch. So we saddled the horse with his saddle, put his boots in the stirrups one last time (Backwards) and two of his close friends let the horse in his honor as we said "Goodbye" for the last time.

Ron Eaton

 Ronald Willard Eaton was born 1954  Ron passed on October 27, 2013 of natural causes at the age of 58.

Ron loved his Heavenly father and lived every day to serve God.  His wife and children meant everything to him and he loved and cherished them.  Ron loved serving in the church and the community through the years in a variety of capacities including the following:


Ranching was one of Ron’s passions and even as a child he dreamed of being a cowboy.  He was the owner of Ranchco Saddle Shop in Wolfforth, Texas and he was the previous owner of Eaton Ranch Company where he raised registered Angus Cattle.  He was very involved in the ranching community as a proud member of the American Angus Assoc., Texas Angus Assoc., American Quarter Horse Assoc., etc.

Christian Services of the Southwest- Board Member

National Cowboy Symposium Executive Advisory Board

George W. Bush for Governor- Dallas County Co-Organizational Campaign Director

United Way - Volunteer Coordinator

YMCA - Member of the Board of Directors

Youth Sports Coach - LCAA, Coppell YFL

Ministry Leader - Monterey Church of Christ

Midland County Young Republicans and various volunteer positions

Board Member - Greater West Texas Angus Assoc.

Delegate to the American Angus Assoc. National Conference

Precinct and County Convention Republican Delegate

Delegate to the Texas State Republican Convention
The family asks that any memorial donations in Ron’s memory be made to one of his favorite charitable organizations as a way to celebrate him: The Texas Boys Ranch, Hospice of Lubbock, or Monterey Church of Christ.

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