Sunday, May 9, 2010

RANCHco Saddle SHop Bull Ropes How they are made

What about your bullropes?

Bull Rope Style and Design

Most of our ropes will be a 9 X 9 plait or 9 X 7 plait (right or left your choice). The tail is approx 7 1/2 ft measured from the block and the body is approx 7 1/2 ft including the loop (open). You will find most bull rope are going to be approx 15 ft (total) that are designed for Full Sized Bulls. Our ropes are all hand made and do vary slightly.

Our ropes are made from Polypropylene and it holds up well. Years ago bull ropes were made from Manila Grass and did not have leather laced in them. The leather lacing is a oiled tanned latigo lace that is hand cut. Braiding a Bullrope takes years of braiding experience and knowledge.

The block and handhold is the heart of a rope. We offer Standard American Style Bull Ropes (however Brazilian Style, Offset handholds, etc are also offered). The block is double laced, very stiff, and designed to not tip or roll.

You should consider the price range when buying a rope. The basic Starter Style rope will be between $80.00 and $100.00. This is a beginner’s starter rope. A better rope may cost upwards of $250.00 and up. Many Bullriding instructors will encourage students to start with a high quality professional style rope in the $200.00 and up price range although not everyone can afford one.

Our starter type ropes are generally 9 X 9 plait which is a softer type tail. On our more expensive ropes you can get "Soft, Extra soft, Baby nine, and tight plait tails, etc.

The starter rope has a "Half Laced" handhold and on more expensive ropes a "Full Laced" handhold is an option.

Bottom-line the better the rope the more it cost....the more it cost the longer it last and often the less roll or tip. Bull riding is a very dangerous Sport and we always encourage everyone to buy the best rope they can afford as it will pay off in the long run....mainly with fewer hang-ups and trips to the hospital....Safety First!

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