Sunday, May 9, 2010

When do you need Splint Boots, Bell Boots or Skid Boots ?

-When do you need splint boots?
Splint boots should be worn at all times. They provide protection to the splint and cannon bones should they be inadvertently struck by the hoof and/or shoe of the opposite foot. Some splint boots provide extra support for the tendons.

-What about bell boots?
Bell boots protect the coronet band from being struck by the hoof or shoe. This is particularly important in the early stages of teaching a horse to spin. Bell boots also protect the bulbs and heels of the front feet from the toe of the hind feet when a horse is sliding. Extra care should be given to keep bell boots clean. Sand accumulating in them will irritate the ankles, which can lead to a serious condition known as 'scratches'.
When do you need knee boots?
In some cases horses will rub one knee against the other while spinning. Knee boots should be used until the horse learns to spin without interfering.

-What about skid boots?
Skid boots should be used when the horse is being worked on sliding stops. Particular attention should be paid to keeping skid boots clean. When using leather boots, keep them well oiled. Stiff or dirty skid boots will could cause scalding.

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