Sunday, May 9, 2010

Will a cribbing collar cure cribbing on my horse?

Will a cribbing collar cure cribbing on my horse?

Well it is really hard to say.....this is really more for Cribbing "wind suckers" rather than horses that merely chew wood.

I have a horse that sucks wind and in the process bites or chews wood and it works for him.....and we hear good reports from customers.

There is also a safety issue about placing it on a horse in a pasture as there is always the risk of a hang-up or choking....this has a nylon strap that would not break easily.

There really is no cure for cribbing.....This product works in most cases but not on all horses.....

If your horse is just chewing wood he may quit when placed in a pasture and often if there is another horse it will help as it is most likely a nervous habit.

If he is Sucking Wind" then he may continue.....when he sucks wind the horse will normally hang there top teeth on a piece of wood, etc and then quickly suck in
wind....this causes an Endorphin Release that is very pleasurable and is habit a mature horse it is normally very hard to control and these devises (at
best) just slow it down.

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